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From IACCC Executive Director Jack Bean:

    December 20, 2016

    RE: Industrial Association of Contra Costa County

    Notice of Membership Reclassification and Dues Increase.

    Dear Membership:

    On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Industrial Association of Contra Costa County, thank you for your continued membership.
    As 2016 comes to a close, our Association has been involved in many State and Local advocacy issues. Our Executive Officer has provided informative and influential speakers on a monthly basis at our forums. He has work continuously with our legislative bodies in Sacramento to promote manufacturing and protect our jobs in the Bay Area. He has been featured in our local news and various other news outlets defending our manufacturing businesses against regulations/legislation that would harm our local economy and jobs in the Bay Area. As our association members know, our Executive Officer comes with a solid and widely respected background in both the business and environmental field to defend our jobs and economy.
    As we move forward in 2017 it will again be another challenging year both at a local level and a State level with continued attacks on our jobs and our economy in the Bay Area. In 2017 the Industrial Association is setting new goals in strengthening the foundations for business success in Contra Costa County by spreading our message to local manufacturing associations, cities, counties and higher education. Our message is simple; to increase proactively working with local, City, County and State regulators and elected officials on the development of new regulations and proposed legislation that affect our businesses. As well as increase our message to our neighbors and surrounding communities we live in. These are essential in building a robust local economy that will benefit Contra Costa County and the Bay Area.
    Listed below is an example of the State Air Resources Board new Regulations that will be proposed in 2017 that is the largest and most comprehensive regulatory effort in state history.

    1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions at refineries by 20%
    2. Electrify boilers
    3. Increase renewable electricity by more than the existing 50% statewide requirement
    4. Cut greenhouse gas emissions at oil and gas fields by at least 25%
    5. Increase use of low-emission diesel fuels
    6. Reduce amount of driving across the state
    7. Cut organic waste going into landfills by 75%. Increase landfill fees
    8. Deploy more than 100,000 zero emission vehicles operating by 2030
    9. Implement rules to require state pension funds to sell holdings in coal producing companies
    10. Modify the cap-and-trade auction system so that it covers the entire energy sector
    11. Alter environmental rules to increase density in residential neighborhoods.

    We will be defending and promoting the benefits of good manufacturing jobs and the services provided by manufacturers in the Bay Area. Advocacy will be a major focus of the Industrial Association in 2017. We will be involved with getting government and business in the Bay Area to correct any unfair or harmful regulations or legislation affecting people in the industrial and business sector within our community through a strong and vocal voice of our membership.
    We will be putting out a quarterly newsletter highlighting events and issues to our membership. We will encourage our membership to submit topics that might affect our membership; example: New or changes proposed to existing Regulations and Legislation that will affect our members. During a recent review of the membership of the Association by the Board of Directors, it was determined that our entire membership categories inadequately suit our membership dues and our holding the line on continued increased costs over the years are now not covering the associations business needs. Beginning on January 1, 2017, all levels of membership dues will be increased and will be reclassified to a single paying level as follows:

      Affiliate Members: at an annual rate of $300 with 10 or less employees plus optional $100 for web link through IACCC.org.

      Associate Members: at an annual rate of $700 with less than 100 employees.

      Regular Members: at an annual rate of $2,000 with less than 200 employees.

      Major Large Companies: Manufacturing/Industrial facilities such as Refinery’s that have over 200 employees at an annual rate of $5,800. That evens out the membership fees for those large Companies.

    Our monthly forum costs will go from $35 membership to $40. Non-Membership will stay at $45 and $50 at the door without prior notification.
    We have been working hard on getting all our membership on one billing cycle, a level paying field and sufficient funds to cover costs of the association and continue representing your best interests in the 9 Bay Area Counties. The Member categories were originally created in order to encourage all types of business categories. Over the years we have become a more integrated component of our local industrial economy. We have held the line on membership dues over the past few years and forum costs while incurring increased costs of forums, insurance, credit card fees etc. We are confident that you will enjoy the privileges and benefits that come with Membership in the Industrial Association and we will continue to work hard to protect your jobs and economy.
    Please contact our Executive Director if you have any questions regarding your dues for 2017.

    Industrial Association Board of Directors/Executive Officer Jack Bean

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