About Us


Our Mission.

 Our Mission is to support and promote the manufacturing and industrial community by leveraging our members and our collective resources, in order to engage in public policy advocacy, education and relationship building, to ensure the continued success of manufacturing in our region.


Our Vision.

The Industrial Association of Contra Costa County strives to be the premier voice and resource for the region's manufacturing community, promoting the vitality of manufacturing and quality of life for all.  

Our Benefits

What We Offer

Strength In Numbers

Contra Costa County is the second most industrialized county in California. By combining the member companies in this area into a single, strong voice we can have a greater impact on issues of concern. 

Strength In Diversity

The diversity of the industry in The Association provides another source of strength; from chemical firms to steel plants, from refineries to power producers. From small firms to large companies. This diversity gives the Industrial Association a firm foundation from which to represent its members.  

Economic Strength

The Industrial Association of Contra Costa County represents a significant portion of the region's economy by supplying substantial jobs, high salaries, and a net positive balance of trade. The Industrial Association works hard to leverage this strength on your behalf.